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@init4thelongrunblog Lightroom Mobile Presets

About this Product:

I designed these with iPhone photography in mind. For the past 4 months, I’ve been testing and tweaking to make each preset strong and unique. These are designed to be used with the Lightroom Mobile App which is free on the AppStore.

Each preset will need slight adjustments for individual photos based on the lighting and colors of each image. Presets always work best when an image is properly exposed (not too bright, not too dark)

What You Get with Your Purchase…

1. 7 presets (.DNG files)

2. a visual guide for how to install them

3. & a guide for how to take Insta-Worthy iPhone photos

About the Presets

1. Iced Latte is my go-to edit and is great for pretty much everything. It's on the darker and cooler side.

2. Cortado is bright, muted, sharp and has some pink tones. It's great if you want a feed that's bold, clear and crisp.

3. Matcha Latte is the edit I use for the @chasingjoypodcast Instagram feed. It's bright, slightly muted and cool. Great for lifestyle bloggers.

4. Cold Brew is a really versatile edit. This is great for food and coffee and the person who likes to evolve through the seasons.

5. Espresso was designed with travel, landscape, and lifestyle bloggers in mind. The shadows are very high meaning it's a great preset for when there are a lot of shadows in your photo. This edit is great for someone who loves a warm, bright, crisp image with oranges and greens.

6. Chai Latte is a muted, sepia-toned preset perfect for the person who loves a cozy vibe and wants a really clear and consistent color theme. Lots of warm browns, oranges, and teals pop in this edit.

7. Americano is my favorite everyday preset that I use for 90% of the photos on my own feed. It looks great on every photo! It has teal and warm tones with high contrast. It's versatile and also allows you to create a consistent look and feel to your photos without getting boxed into one color palate.

Who These Presets Are Perfect For…

These presets are perfect for lifestyle bloggers and casual Instagrammers who want to create a more cohesive look to their feed. I also designed them with skin tones (and coffee) in mind. A lot of presets out there will total oversaturate the oranges making everyone look like a pumpkin (no thanks!)

Use these to edit your lifestyle, fashion, travel, selfie, coffee photos and more.

The Fine Print:

  • refund policy: because of the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds.
  • the use of all @init4thelongrunblog presets extends only to the purchaser & cannot be shared, redistributed, or sold
  • you may use these products for personal or professional use. you may not resell
  • all presets by @init4thelongrunblog are copyright protected.


@init4thelongrunblog Lightroom Mobile Presets

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